Friday, February 26, 2010

ok fine, u're a senior.. JADI?

bAbbLinG bY nAmeLeSs 5 rEveRsE bAbbLinG =)
what is the purpose of being a "senior" if u're not acting like one?
seniority is a jerk system if it's all about "power"..
oh tolong, you should teach your "junior" to do well so that we'll be as good as you are, later..
but, what happen to the scenario these days, senior means power..
ok... go to hell~

oh ya... one more thing..
senyum itu senang..
senyum sangat tak susah...

senyum itu kan sedekah...
sila belajar budi bahasa kalau cara senyum pun tak tahu tapi berlagak "senior"..
terima kasih~

Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Day

bAbbLinG bY nAmeLeSs 2 rEveRsE bAbbLinG =)

i am single and i am watching this movie, even it is 19 feb 2010 already...
watch it with my besties, everyone is single... (only those who are single can go along) hahaha~

anyway~ back to the movie.. at first, i was thinking that this movie could be a cliche love story with happy ending. it's all fairy tale. BUT, i can say that it is different. even though most of the love stories have a happy ending but it is not predictable, for me. it is fun and enjoyable. plus, it's also a sweet-romantic movie...

well, it is a story about several couples on their valentine's day.. it's a one day story, of a few couples. they're all connected in some ways, but it is not a "predictable connection or relationship".. it is not that bad, trust me. it might be because this kind of movie is my type, but it is worth it to watch.

oh ya, buat pengetahuan kamu2 semua, me and my besties menonton cerita ini pada kedudukan 2nd row from the screen.. ya, kami mendongak sakan sampai sumpah tengkuk sakit di separuh masa kedua (which is about 1 hour plus after the movie). menariknya, kami boleh bising teramat, gelak2 dengan gembira dan kuat tanpa kena marah. sebab, jauh gila kami daripada audience lain.. walaupun terpaksa membulatkan mata untuk melihat skrin dengan sepenuh mungkin.

so, as a conclusion! (panjang sungguh entry kali ni.. :P), i would love to give a 5 stars for this movie. well, it might be because this movie is really great, or because of me watching this movie with all my single's friends, or maybe.. because we were enjoying the movie too close with the screen. great impact!! :D

enjoy guys.. it is worth it~

Friday, February 12, 2010

Percy Jackson - The Lightning Thief

bAbbLinG bY nAmeLeSs 0 rEveRsE bAbbLinG =)

all I can say is, it's quite typical adventurous movie.. like, a hero accompanied by one girl and one co-actor as his friend (in this case, his protector as well). I personally love this kind of movie, adventurous + imagination + great graphic. but.. I can say that this movie is quite simple..

It is a story about Percy Jackson, a mix-blood guy who been chased because he was blamed to be the lightning thief, which is not him. He tried to save his mother who've been kidnapped by the person who said that he's a thief.

the adventure is quite simple and cliche. I love the idea, to get the blue pearl in order to escape this one place like hell... (I forgot the name, sorry..), the mix-blood of half Dewa (I hate to use the word "God" like the way they call it.. sorry again). the idea is new, but the story line is cliche and simple..

OK guys.. This is my personal opinion about this movie. My friends do like it... SO, you should try. It is worth watching but, again.. FOR ME, it is simple.. i prefer Harry Potter much2 better... (oh ya, the director of this movie is Harry Potter's director.. which is why I want to watch it in the first place).

Ok, rating.. i was thinking to give a 3.5 stars. but, i made up my mind.. :p
I'll give 4 stars (dunno why). it is still worth it... =)

btw, Percy and Luke are HOT! handsome ok! :p

Friday, February 5, 2010


bAbbLinG bY nAmeLeSs 5 rEveRsE bAbbLinG =)
mid sem?
aik, kita dah tengah2 semester dua? OMG~ sangatlah cepat masa berlalu..

kenapa agaknya ya, rasa macam cepat? dan rase hidup ini sangat skema, for the last few weeks. doing nothing fun, going nowhere fun, being a jerk, sleep and eat almost all the time.
we're suppose to go on our so-called vacation but yet, we're still here. nothing in progress pun. too much planning, less activation. we're dull~ except for restoran nelayan, 4 seasons, fireflies.. the rest? PLAZA RAH~ welcome to my world. ;P

and this chinese new year, I've got some plannings with my family. (terjadi ke tak planning tu, ehem2... we'll see) :D

next week is quite a busy week for me. well, it is definitely because of my laziness. or else, i'll be free, doing nothing this weekend. and probably can go out for a trip with friend. but, padan mukaku. last minute person like me, end up being a schematic-gurl this weekend, until next week. :D

my close friend probably on her way to australia already. cutinya sudah tamat tempoh. have a safe journey awak~ together we survive till the end of our study.. :D

SO!! wish me all the best wogeh!! (wish sekarang, cepat~~~~~~~~~ :p)

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