Friday, January 29, 2010

i'm sHiVeriNg~ =)

bAbbLinG bY nAmeLeSs 3 rEveRsE bAbbLinG =)
"it's always been you that i love,
and now it's still you..

what should i do?
to let you have the same feeling as mine,
what should i do?
to let you go if you're not mine,
even though u have no idea,
how YOU,
can bring such a warm feeling to me,
a dull-boring-but-love-you guy"

taken from a direct translation of a korean song...
it's simple words, simple meaning, simple understanding.. but, once i read it, meremang bulu roma ok.. jadi, sedikit excited untuk post dalam blog, as soon as possible.

p/s: kalau ada lelaki cakap macam ni kat aku, sumpah tak cari lain dah!!! hahahaha.. :D

anyway, saranghae~ =)
(i'm letting go da :D)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's c0miNg t0 y0u.. aGaiN

bAbbLinG bY nAmeLeSs 0 rEveRsE bAbbLinG =)
kawan2, oleh kerana teknologi semakin canggih, pilihanraya kampus pun taknak kalah. calon2 pilihanraya kampus di"promosi"kan pakai FACEBOOK! siap main tagged2 gambar lagi you! auchhh!!

first of all, i am totally not a person who will care about the "party" to be voted. I care bout the person i will vote.

secondly - please imagine. with just a picture of them, how could i know if they're a good candidate? i don't even hear their speech, manifesto bagai. pandai pula kita nk menilik muka orang? i am not gifted that way~

thirdly - stop sending messages. annoying~

finally - forgive me, i don't even know who the candidates are, which party they're belong to, what kind of changes they will make and what ever matters that I should know, but i don't... thus,

I'M VOTING RANDOMLY TOMORROW. hahahaha~ maafkan saya wahai pelajar2 sem depan. :D
(undi adalah rahsia kan... minta maaf, terbuat pendedahan pula kat blog.. :D)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

s0meWheRe iN KuaLa sElanGor

bAbbLinG bY nAmeLeSs 5 rEveRsE bAbbLinG =)
some of you might don't have ideas about this daerah.. it is situated in selangor.. (ok, kononlah aku terlalu "tahu" pasal kuala selangor padahal pada nama "kuala selangor" itu sendiri dah tau ia berada dalam selangor kan..) OK, i know nothing much about kuala selangor..

anyway, me and my friend went to kuala selangor to have a sightseeing. we went to bukit melawati to visit my friend's kerabat. sungguh comel cousin my friend tu. but, because i have some kind of allergic reaction to "bulu", then i have no choice than stay away. (maafkan aku, korang. aku sedang menipu dalam ayat itu)

cousin yang dimaksudkan ialah beruk, ke monyet, ke anak saudara beruk? tapi satu keluarga dengan beruk la.. sangat banyak~ sangat seram (untuk saya). tapi seronok sightseeing di bukit melawati! boleh naik keretapi tanpa cermin. WOW! vrooommm vrooommm~~~~~~~~ drift ok, kalah roller coaster.

lepas tu, we went to kampung kuantan to search for kunang2 or kelip2 or firefiles.. (teringat lagu owl city - fireflies. best ok, lagu ni!) sangat cantik weh. memang tidur bangun balik pun tetap akan rase macam "itu bukan pokok krismas atau pagar rumah jiran yang dipasang lampu kelip2 semasa raya", but it is fireflies! thousands of them... very fascinating view.

my advise, it is worth it to have a great sight seeing at bukit melawati for only RM2. plus, a night view lighten by fireflies for RM10, 20 minutes. IT IS worth it~ :D
thanx dude, for bringing me there~ =)

p/s: i'll upload pictures later... maybe kat facebook??? :D

0ld d0gS

bAbbLinG bY nAmeLeSs 0 rEveRsE bAbbLinG =)

tak payah fikir panjang, tak payah baca blog aku sekarang (tapi nanti baca tau! :p), pergi cari cinema terdekat dan tengok cerita ni! memang gelak sampai menangis air mata cam hingus ah~
keseronokan yang tidak dapat digambarkan. especially when u just checked your bank account and it's filled with your jpa scholar okay.. cannot resist the temptation of movies. (we're heading to red box in two days time.. OMG~)
anyways! back to the movie.. :D
it is so hilarious! seriously! everything is funny.. even the story line is not something new or fresh, but still a lots of fun.. the two main characters are really well known, they're such a great actor which can play a good "grandfather" character. :D.. korang! go to the cinema now please.. it's a 5 stars rating... (for the very first time i'm giving in a 5 stars rating.. so? apa tunggu lagi? :p)
well actually, it is MY opinion that i'm telling you how hilarious this movie is. maybe because my scholarship fills up my account, or maybe i'm so happy that my 2 weeks clinical is ended, or maybe i'm way too excited to have a class on saturday! (i watched this movie on friday, right after jpa masuk... tahniah nameless~). that's why i'm enjoying the movie so much. u might think it is not worth it to be rated 5 stars, we're different kan.. :D
so, my advise, pergi tengok sekarang, terima kasih~ =)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

hAi k0raNg~

bAbbLinG bY nAmeLeSs 3 rEveRsE bAbbLinG =)
wow, it's been awhile since the last time I've posted something here.. It is definitely NOT because of my buzy schedule, i do nothing the whole week... (OMG~ resume tak siap2! baru tersedar, tapi masih tidak berpedoman. Ya, INILAH nameless)

anyway! (mukadimah kena satu perenggan, baru cukup syarat kan?) back to the point. why am i berdiam diri without any new words in my blog? well, it's too easy to answer. :p
I have no idea what to write. totally lost. the last time i had some idea, is about pantun. i want to write a few pantun, just for fun and sharing it with you guys. but it turns out to be, "oh, seganlah nak tunjuk pantun kat kawan". WTH nameless~

Lepas tu, planning to write about a few current topics, but i ended up with nothing~
at last, now... at this exact moment, I'm too tired to think about this one thing... eh, two things actually, two things that made me tired of thinking, until I'm writing, NOW.

WRITING is fun kan (tiba2~)

Friday, January 1, 2010

LaSt sEmeSteR bReaK

bAbbLinG bY nAmeLeSs 0 rEveRsE bAbbLinG =)
kawan2! hari ini hari pertama dalam tahun 2010 ok? dan cuti, sudah tentu... and I'm home! Gosh! Told you before, my life is dull~ (tiba2)

ok, yesterday I went to Johnny's with my schoolmates (sebab berangan nak makan steamboat tomyam yang lazat tidak terperi, sekali dah habis. datang pukul 10 malam kan, rasa sangat kecewa!). enjoying the last day of 2009 (no countdown ya sebab balik rumah before 12~).

But, this post is not about my revision on what happened in 2009, NOPE~ what I'm trying to say is the precious moment of this semester break, hang out with schoolmates all days long, karaoke, movies and makan! :p

this semester break is my last semester break. I'm entering the final semester of my study and, ada rezeki lepas habis belajar, I'm working. that's for sure. I'm hoping that, even though I am working, I still have plenty of times to be spend with them. and also, i'm planning to have a regular reunion with my coursemates. yalah, after graduating, still want to keep in touch with them as well kan! definitely!

so, what is "working life" looks like? I have no idea. Some might say that daily working days have "no life". Please don't~ :(
well, even so, I'm still looking forward for my final semester.. Wishing all of you a very good luck ok.. =)

happy new year guys~

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