Sunday, June 10, 2012

m0vie marath0n

bAbbLinG bY nAmeLeSs 0 rEveRsE bAbbLinG =)
it's an outing with sisters and cousins.. we used to hang out like this before.. always.. but nowadays, i'm not into it anymore. I have no idea why basically. but today, IT WAS AN AWESOME OUTING... =)
we watched 2 movies in one day... Here's my review.. 

Snow White and The Huntsman

Picture credit to Mr Google

Well, we know the fairy tale of Snow White. Who is Snow White, the king and the kingdom, the stepmother, mirror mirror on the wall, the dwarfs, the prince (in this case is the huntsman)... So, this movie follow the same idea but adventurous side of Snow White though. 

I like the story telling, the flow of the movie is very smooth.. The characters are well played by them all. And this part of Snow White is so much better than the movie "Mirror Mirror". It's cliche, predictable but still it's worth watching. It's like the adventurous journey of Snow White to get her revenge of her father. Something like that. 

As a conclusion, I would say that this movie is a standard adventurous type of movie, nothing extraordinary but the plot and characters are good. I'll give 4 stars.

Second of all, we watched Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted.

Picture credit to Mr Google

This movie is sooooooooooo hilarious!! From the beginning till the end of it, I cannot stop myself from laughing. Even when it's not funny at all, I'll smile all the way. There's a certain serious scenes but it do not affect your hilarious mood at all. 

I don't have to comment too much. If you watched the previous Madagascar's movies, I'll guarantee you that Madagascar 3 is the best among them all... Please, watch it if you have such a gloomy, bad mood of the week. I'l give 5 stars solid! =)


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