Sunday, April 25, 2010

i've bEEn taGGed

bAbbLinG bY nAmeLeSs 4 rEveRsE bAbbLinG =)
ok.. saya udah di tagged by castalica azryiana.. sila lihat blog beliaw =)

jadi, inilah gamba saya dari folder ke 8, gambar ke 8..

gamba: dari kiri - nameless, kak as, zeha.
ceriteranya... (i speaky lagi u.. ouch! :D)

time ni pertandingan "Debat Gema Kemerdekaan"..
tapi we're not the debaters! kak as exco protokol, while nameless and zeha ajk protokol..
kami usher masa tu...

seronok ok, pertandingan ni.. time ni la berkenalan dengan Malek and Daus debaters from KDO, who turns out to be a pemantun... we'll meet each other again during pantun at bangi.. kenal sampai la final year ni sebab every year during pertandingan pantun, kami berjumpa.. kecik je dunia ni kan? =)

so... tu la serba sedikit ceritera gamba ini...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

dRamA quEEn~

bAbbLinG bY nAmeLeSs 5 rEveRsE bAbbLinG =)
this girl, fell in love with this guy.. but it turns out to be that the guy fall in love with the other girl..

drama lines:

"i'm happy as long as you are happy... even if it's not with me"

duh! crap...

we won't feel happy.. happy for them? maybe... i don't know, don't bother about them because he's not belong to us.. they're happy, good.. they're not? whatever...

smile, while saying those drama lines is a NO NO NO. kononnya nak prove that we are strong and have some pride... ok, we do have pride..

BUT, why don't we just cry in front of him? let it out, let him know how we feel.. we are weak after all when it comes to this matter.. what is wrong about letting him know? just, don't begging for his love.. that's what i call a "pride"..

but then, we get back home, we stop crying, we tell family and friends about this.. we sleep, we eat, we do house cores, we watch movies and dramas, we getting stronger and feel better in time.. even if it takes 2,3 years.. 10 years perhaps? we move on~~

it is definitely not going to be easy, confirm! i'm not acting strong because i know that i'm not strong at all... but this is not a drama.. don't let the drama lines get on you.. :p cari lain sudah... :D

i've been frustrating about this one guy lately... i hate to think that he's finally couple with his so-called "best friend".. i hate it because i am not happy cause he's not mine.. so.. i'm trying this formula... so far so good.. i'm deleting him, step by step.. =)

let's try it.. at home.. :D

Friday, April 16, 2010

i'm tRyiNg n0t t0 caLL it a hYpocRisy~

bAbbLinG bY nAmeLeSs 3 rEveRsE bAbbLinG =)
there's a time when i'm stuck in between.. either to be "myself", or trying to do something so-not-you just to please others..

during my clinical posting, being a nice, quite girl was kinda always! i have no idea why am i like that, it just... happened.. orang tanya sepatah, setengah patah je jawab... orang ajak borak, senyum tak sudah.. :p

but, i can see that a few of my friends can be themselves, i mean really2 themselves among numbers of people they just met... i think it's great, show some respect here.. =)
but still, i'm not saying that my act is a type of hypocrisy.. if it is so, what's wrong on being a hypocrite in a time like that? kan kan kan??? :p

ok fine, i have no point in writing this post...
i'm just thinking that.... we cannot be ourselves at all time... maybe not "we" but "me" instead... because i have no idea about you guys.... =)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

LittLe GirL hAs c0mE

bAbbLinG bY nAmeLeSs 0 rEveRsE bAbbLinG =)
yeay~ saya ialah makcu kepada seorang budak kicik ini...
hello dear... welcome to the family...
serius kamu comel okay!! =)

nak tahu nama dia?


Sunday, April 4, 2010


bAbbLinG bY nAmeLeSs 0 rEveRsE bAbbLinG =)
by this 16th, need to submit the soft cover of my so-called-thesis..
kinda struggling but still trying to enjoy the remaining time with my friends...

by 20th this month also, got theoretical exam paper...

by 3rd n 4th may, we've got presentation and VIVA.. creepy but still need to go through...

next... you'll know about it later..
no need to mention on how we're going to end this..
4 years, trust me.. it is not that short... the friendship build up is totally amazing... really gonna miss every single person who appeared in my life for this 4 years period...

korang... let's go through this, together~ until the end of this journey! enjoy the remaining... =)

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