Tuesday, July 27, 2010


bAbbLinG bY nAmeLeSs 0 rEveRsE bAbbLinG =)
walllaaaweh... blog berhabuk, stylo! =)

sebulan tak update blog, konon macam sibuk tak ingat kan? padahal every single night, my facebook and ym is on...

anyway! update...

working - is sooooo much better than "last month" (please refer to my previous post - bajet korang kisah.. lalala~) the environment is better.. still in the learning progress, but... not bad.. less pressure...

convo - this saturday, i'm going to ukm bangi... ambil jubah, and settle all those stuff... honestly, i don't have the "excited" mood yet.. macam sedikit malas? :( remember zira!! this is once, in a lifetime!! but, think about the reunion with my coursemates, it's a pleasure... the convocation will be held on 9th august, feel free to stop by... =)

love story - me? not yet... dira? hell yeahhhhhhhhh!! she's engaged ok! congrats oi!! :D

family - biasa je.. tak ada apa nak di update sangat~ suria my niece, is very cute!! like auntie, like niece la kan... tengoklah makcu dia... HAHAHAHAHA~

future plan - planning to buy my very first car...................... dreaming, dreaming and keep dreaming. but still, haven't decide yet... hurm~
and of course, searching for him... please coming soon wokeyh! :D kidding... (kalau ya, apa salahnya? hahahaha ... semakin MUDA, semakin gatal.. yeay!)

that's all.. thanks for your time... =)

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