Saturday, May 5, 2012


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This is the stage, where I used to perform my pantun. It's not a performance though for us who participate. It's a performance for those who watched. :p It's a competition and I'm represent my team, Pasukan Pantun Sri Cendana from Kolej Tun Syed Nasir. Oh my, how i miss those days very much.

I involved in pantun since secondary school. Thanks to Zuhri who kept me stay back after school and Pn Mahani who gave a chance to join the team even though I'm not good at it. Back then, we were the best in Selangor. We represent Selangor for Pertandingan Pantun Kebangsaan. Fascinating ha? Who knows pantun has the other side. I mean other than being used in kahwin semua. =)

I continue participate in pantun when I was studying in UKM. It's totally different and I love it the most, my favourite campus life activity. I love the team a lot, I love the competition itself, I love being a part of the whole pesta pantun in Bangi. You can't imagine that except you put yourself in my shoe. I thought the same too until I, myself join the whole thingy. =)

Now, nothing. The picture above was taken in 2012. I'm graduated and I came to UKM Bangi just to watch the final competition. Still gave a goosebumps. It shows how I passionate about pantun I guess? =) 

Here some pictures of my days back then. Pemantun Kedua KTSN. =)

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