Sunday, January 8, 2012

aRRogaNt dEnTisT

bAbbLinG bY nAmeLeSs
There's one dental clinic near my house where I often go for my check up and follow up since I HATE milk and I might have a problem with calcium intake, which is good for our bones and teeth. :P

I did a lot of treatment with this dentist. You have no idea how much money that I've used so far for my teeth and gum. but I went to this clinic since beginning, so I have to follow up with her. HAVE TO cause I don't like the dentist actually.

I don't really 'hate' her but i hate the way she treats her patient arrogantly. I remember that I've asked her ONE question, a random one actually. and I remember every single words she replied me. sounds like this. "girl, you know what. you should know that you have a very bad teeth. it's not because of you, but you were born with that kind of teeth. you don't ask me about my treatment because you cannot do anything. so do I" WTF!! the way she speaks arrogantly really pissed me off! as usual, I'm speechless. and I smiled! gila~ there's more than this. until i become immune.

Until today. I reached my limit after she answered my question. guess what she said?

"You are a very difficult patient," she said. PISSED ME OFF!!!! just because I'm asking a question, I'm difficult?????? I lost my temper in front of other patients. I care nothing anymore! so I replied her with a very high amplitude voice. we had an argument for the first time.

"I'm a doctor and you try to explain me about that?" this is one of her replied when I try to ASK her about bridge and crowns. I'm ASKING and she said, I'm explaining???? doktor apa tuh!!!! duduk malaysia, tapi tak faham bahasa sendiri??

"I'm not explaining, I'm just asking" i shouted. lepas tu I bengan dan membebel dengan marahnya! terpaksa mengeluh and terus ask for the price of the scaling treatment I did earlier today.

she tried to tell me something lepas tu and then I just said "you're a doctor. so, whatever. how much is the price for today?" puas hati aku!

and guess what. she gave me an appointment date on the 21st to RELATE my question and her explanation. MOTIVE???????????????????

seriously la, she expect me to come to her stupid clinic and pay a lot just to listen to your stupid answer? some more after this big argument? gila. memang tak pernah langsung nak gaduh2 walaupun dah lama sangat simpan perasaan menyampah dan the urge to punch her, on her face. sebab I sayang gigi I ok!

so, doktor2 gigi sekalian. anda doktor. belajar tinggi2. saya bukan tahu sangat pasal gigi tapi saya cari juga info kat internet everytime my arrogant dentist explain something. tapi of, course. I'm a patient, she's a doctor. she knows well. my problem is that, I like to ask. a very2 simple question and definitely has something to do with my own teeth! I want to know, that's why I'm asking. don't be so arrogant, berlagak nak mampus, jawab tak kena pada soalan lepas tu blaiming your patient kononnya I EXPLAIN padahal I try to ask! serius doktor gigi paling *&*$#&^@%*! pernah aku jumpa. i'm glad i had that argument, shouting and able to give her my last sentence yang dah lama sangat nak cakap iaitu "whatever"dengan muka malas nak layan . serius dah lama pendam dialog tu untuk dilepaskan dengan yakin kat dia! huh!!

hari yang BERAPI~~~~~~~~~

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