Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Underworld Awakening

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this is not the movie that i want to watch in the first place. but there's no other movie available.. :p surprisingly, this movie is awesome! lucky~ number of friends of mine said that this movie is not that bad. ada yang kata NO GOOD. ada yang kata best gila. here's my word. :)

i admirer Selena, cast by Kate Beckinsale. She brings the character so well and alive! she's so cool, the way she walks is the best part of her cool character! no need to mention la kan all the action scene. of course she's cool, cool, cool and smart. :) sampaikan I don't mind when 'Selena' actually saved one of the vampire by putting her hand into his chest and pumps his heart. Duh? mati hidup semula? boleh tak apply kat semua vampire yang terkorban itu? lalalala~ yang penting, SHE'S COOL! suka suka suka! pandai u berlakon. sila berguru ya semua..

the idea of the movie is perfect walaupun jalan cerita is a little bit messy and complex. a lot of discussion going on inside the cinema actually~ yah, everyone is the director.. "aku rasa dia ni bla2 la." "ooo, mungkin dia bla3 kot" something like that la kan.

plot and storyline a bit messy but still, creative. Selena is so cool, no doubt.. The idea of the movie itself is the best among all Underworld's movies, as far as I can recall.. Thumbs up! I'd give 4.5 stars.

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